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Jan 25, 2022·edited Jan 25, 2022

How ironic that hyper-partisan Republican Steve Colligan weighs in as an expert witness saying it just ain't fair for the Mat-Su to be connected to Valdez. This is the same guy (a former deputy chair of the Alaska GOP) who a decade ago successfully generated gerrymandered redistricting maps. Someone should ask him what his paid role with E-Terra was in redistricting then, and what his role was in the creation of House District 9 and Senate District E, districts that include Valdez and much of the Mat Su. Colligan should also be asked, as a former member of the Mat Su Assembly while redistricting was underway a decade ago, if he ever voted to deny the Mat Su Borough an opportunity to litigate unfair redistricting. Those of us who later attempted to overturn the configuration of House District 9 and Senate District E (the seat won by former senator and senate quitter Mike Dunleavy) lost our court fight. It's a fair question to ask if Steve Colligan is a self-serving hypocrite in matters of redistricting efforts, past and present.

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