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I recently an email to my Juneau reprsentatives requesting that they respectfully demand that Carol Beecher resign. Her response to questions concerning the 2020 election said she really did not know what happened in the rest of the United States with regard to the election of Joe Biden as our President. She agreed that he is the president but she dissembled. Her answers

disqualify her to be Alaska new director of elections.

While she did not outright deny that the 2020 election was free from fraud her answers indicate that she has "questions. " she really does not know what happened in the rest of our country. Many who continue to believe the election was rigged have taken this position including Sarah Palin. Ms. Beecher's real or feigned ignorance of abundant information our 2020 election was one of the fairest and most fraud free ever.

It is obvious that Ms. Beecher should not have been appointed to this very important job which requires the person in this position be forthright and

non-partisan. Carol Beecher is not qualified for this very important job. Kathrin

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