Dear Matt,

Thanks for your reporting on Dunleavy's horribe education bill. I am a retired University professor, a preschool teacher and early childhood educator. My experience is that parents do have any problems accessing what their children are being taught and learning in elementary school. As a preschool teacher and early elementary teacher I often struggled with how to ethically and reasonably respond to parents who were homophobic, sexist, bigoted, openly hostile to their own children's choices where to play and with what. Those parents often made demands that their sons not be allow to paint with pink paint, use pink paper or play in the dress up area.

These parents often would demand that I not allow their daughters to play with the trucks, use the woodworking materials and tools or engage in rough and tumble play. Fortunate for me these parents were not the majority of parents I worked with.

Governor Dunleavy's dissembling about his good intentions, and that he does not dislike anyone and the LGBTQ community does dislike anyone either is moronic. Kathrin

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I almost felt bad "liking" this, but thanks for the in-depth reporting. What a wrench to throw in

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