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It is hard to see how Willow is going to help Alaska financially. As for the hundreds of jobs, my best guess is those jobs are going to non-Alaskans. Just like the trans-Alaska pipeline. Sure, some Alaskans got jobs on the pipeline and those jobs steaked those/some to start businesses, and buy houses. Most of the people I knew who had pipeline jobs don't live here anymore. They have retired to places outside Alaska.

I am thinking about Steve Haycock's recent op-ed in the ADN which gave a history lesson on how

Alaska was not always a red state. My view which is over 50 years that things began to change in Alaska politically to more fundamentalist, narrow minded views in the population with the building of the pipeline. I am sure there is research on politics of Alaska and how the oil discovery and the building of pipeline changed the demographics of Alaska and politics of today. Kathrin

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