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Please do as deep a dive as you can on the story about the Troopers essentially kidnapping a citizen because they failed to confirm they had a valid court order to take her into custody. It is shocking that they have so little training or so few procedures/safeguards in place that they would take a fake court order from a private party and haul someone off to API, against her will. This is a very big deal. Now we will once again pay for some settlement for the victim; we will once again be reminded that "personnel issues" must always be secret from the public, even though these personnel are employed by the public, so we won't know find out who was responsible, why, how in the holy hell this could possibly happen, what consequences they face or how we can be assured we are safe from this happening again. Please do not accept vague platitudes - we need way more detail on this. I don't want to be overly dramatic, but the authority to take people into state custody over their objections is one of the greatest powers we bestow on any public servant, really second only to taking people's lives. Apparently we have misplaced that authority with the Troopers, for this to happen and with multiple officers involved - NO ONE thought to confirm the validity of a court order delivered to them by a civilian??? How common are court orders to haul someone off to API? Interview law enforcement officers from other agencies, off the record, to get an understanding of how this is supposed to be prevented. Also curious why the victim in this case didn't call an attorney - surely she knew the order couldn't be valid if she hadn't even had any opportunity to participate in the court process? There are so many more details I would like to know. It would also be a good public service, at a minimum, to educate everyone as to what they should do if law enforcement shows up at their door with a "court order" to involuntarily take them into custody - call a lawyer, how else to insist that the court order be verified?

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